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Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Drying Time Recorder is a precision Automatic Linear Paint Drying Time Test Instrument to evaluate the various stages of drying and curing when applying surface coatings and films on substrates.

The different stages of drying and curing are easy to detect, but difficult to define in terms of chemical and physical methodology.

In order to evaluate the Drying Stages of paint and coatings professionally and accurately, it is necessary to use a Drying Time Recorder under controlled test conditions.

This advanced Drying Time Recorder determines the various stages of film curing and drying time with high precision and high repeatability to deliver reproducible results and to ensure high efficiency at the touch of a button,.

This professional Automatic Drying Time Recorder is designed and engineered to test and record the Drying Time and Gelation Behavior of paint and coatings.

To complete a Drying Time Test the sample paint or sample coating is applied onto a glass panel with the size of 300 mm × 25 mm (12″ × 1″) using a Cube Applicator. After the application of the sample paint or sample coating hemispherical needles travel simultaneously on six parallel test tracks for a specified time, e.g. 6, 12, 24 and 48 hours. Custom programmed sample test times are available, please specify when ordering.

The large LCD Display and the precision Graduation at the front of the Drying Time Tester offer a user-friendly and professional evaluation of the Drying Time Stages in accordance with the preset drying time:

  1. Evaporation of the Solvent: Deep pear-shaped impression
  2. Sol-gel Transition: Continuous track
  3. Dry Surface: Interrupted track
  4. Final Drying Stage: The needle no longer penetrates the film

This Linear Drying Time Recorder offers the newest microchip technology combined with a large LCD Display with Backlight, comfortable Softtouch Buttons, a precision Graduation, six Sample Tracks, four preset Test Times, customized Test Times available, high-precision mechanics, user-friendly Application, user-friendly Sample Handling, easy cleaning, ergonomic design, reliable performance, longevity and much more.

This professional Automatic Drying Time Recorder is designed and engineered in accordance with international test standards including:

Drying Time Recorder - Features:

  • Newest Microchip Technology
  • Large LCD Display with Backlight
  • Test up to 6 samples simultaneous
  • 4 different preset Test Times: 6, 12, 24, 48 hours
  • Custom programmed Test Times available, please specify when ordering
  • 6 Sample Test Tracks each with a size of 300 mm x 25 mm (12″ x 1″)
  • Comfortable Softtouch Buttons
  • User-friendly Application
  • User-friendly Sample Handling
  • Easy Cleaning
  • High Accuracy & High Precision
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Reliable Performance & Longevity
  • Engineered in accordance with international test standards including ASTM D5895

Linear Drying Time Recorder – Specifications:

Newest Microchip Technology
Select 4 Preset Drying Speeds6 hours
12 hours
24 hours
48 hours
Optional Custom Programmed Drying SpeedsPlease specify when ordering
Sample Area6 Glass Panels each 300 mm x 25 mm (12" x 1")
User-friendly Operation
User-friendly Sample Handling
High Accuracy & High Repeatability
Reliable Performance & Ergonomic Design
Voltage110 Volts 60 Hz
220 Volts 50 Hz

Automatic Drying Time Recorder – Included items:

  • Advanced Drying Time Recorder
  • Quality Certificate
  • Carefully Calibrated
  • Calibration Certificate
  • User manual
  • Extended Warranty
  • Lifetime Support

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