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Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry UV Weathering Test Chamber is a professional and automatic Desktop Fluorescent UV Accelerated Weathering Test Equipment to simulate the effects of weather conditions including exposure to UV Light, humidity and rain on samples, sample surfaces and protective sample coatings to predict the relative durability of samples, sample surfaces, surface coatings, protective films, polymer films, polymer coatings and related materials at the touch of a button.

The Fluorescent UV Accelerated Weathering Test Method simulates the damaging effects of climatic influences including sunshine, humidity and rain on products and product surfaces intended for exterior application and exposed to the daily weather conditions. These products include protective coatings, protective paint, protective films and related materials which are used when building and manufacturing a wide range of products including space crafts, airplanes, cars, trains, buildings, roofing, clothing and many more. Calibrated UVA and UVB Light Sources are integrated in the Weathering Test Chamber to simulate sunlight irradiation combined with an automatic Water Spray System to simulate dew, condensation, humidity and rain. The UVA Light Source emits a longer wavelength compared to the UVB Light Source. The UVA Light Source offers a more gentle irradiation with its longer wavelength, the UVB Light Source offers a rather harsh irradiation with its shorter wavelength which also leads to chemical reactions in samples. The UVA Light Sources simulates accelerated sunlight exposure more closely than UVB Light Sources.

This reliable Fluorescent UV Weathering Test Chamber analyses the performance of samples and indicates the quality degradation of samples including gloss reduction, fog image, deterioration of strength, powdering, cracking, fading of color and related changes in quality.

This professional Artificial UV-Light Weathering Test Chamber is designed and engineered offering the newest microchip technology combined with a large Color Touchscreen Display, calibrated high-performance UVA or UVB or Xenon Light Sources with an extended lifetime of up 6.000 hours, Automatic UV Irradiation Compensation to ensure a constant UV Light Exposure, user-friendly swapping between UVA and UVB Light Sources, user-friendly Light Source Replacement Technology, high-precision Temperature Sensors, Black Panel Temperature Settings, Black Panel Temperature Calibration, Black Standard Temperature Measurement, integrated Automatic Water Spray System with Spray and Dew and Condensation Mode, Automatic Water Pressure Control System, Automatic UV Light Calibration with optional Calibration UV-Meter, save freely set Test Programs, change Test Parameters during running Sample Tests, integrated Memory, integrated USB-Port, PC-Connectivity for Remote Controlling and Sample Test Monitoring, Test Chamber made of high quality materials, user-friendly Menu Navigation, user-friendly application, user-friendly sample handling, high accuracy and high precision, integrated Safety Features, an ergonomic design, reliable performance, longevity and much more.

The large Color Touchscreen Display presents a wide range of test data and test details for an advanced and automatic Accelerated UV Weathering Test Analysis.

This professional Fluorescent UV Weathering Test Chamber is designed and engineered in accordance with international test standards including:

UV Accelerated Aging Test Chamber - Features:

  • Newest Microchip Technology
  • Large Color Touchscreen Display
  • Automatic Accelerated UV Weathering Test
  • Automatic UV Weathering Test Programs
  • Preset and save individual Test Programs
  • Calibrated High-Performance UVA Light Sources and UBV Light Sources available
  • Automatic UV Irradiation Compensation
  • Extended Light Source Lifetime of up to 6,000 hours
  • Black Panel Temperature Measurement & Compensation & Calibration
  • Black Standard Temperature Measurement
  • Automatic Water Spray System with Spray Mode & Dew Mode & Condensation Mode
  • Automatic Water Pressure Control System
  • User-friendly Menu Navigation
  • User-friendly Application
  • Integrated Safety Features
  • Automatic Calibration with optional Calibration UV-Meter
  • USB-Port to connect a USB Flash Drive
  • PC-Connectivity for Remote Controlling & Sample Test Monitoring
  • Test Chamber made of High Quality Materials
  • High Accuracy & High Repeatability
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Reliable Performance & Longevity
  • Engineered in accordance with international test standards including ASTM D4587, ASTM D4329, ASTM G151, ASTM G154, ISO 11507, ISO 4892-1, ISO 4892-3, BS 2782, SAE J2020

Artificial UV-Light Weathering Test Chamber - Specifications:

Newest Microchip TechnologyYes
Large Touchscreen InterfaceYes
Light SourcesUVA or UVB or Xenon
UV Irradiation Range0.1 W/m2 - 1.0 W/m2
Automatic UV Irradiation CompensationYes
UV-Light LifetimeUp to 6,000 hours
Temperature RangeRT +10°C - 80°C
Black Panel Temperature MeasurementYes
Automatic Black Panel Temperature CompensationYes
Black Panel Temperature CalibrationYes
Black Standard Temperature MeasurementYes
Precision Heating SystemYes
Water Spray System Performance0.0 - 4.0 Liter per Minute
Water Spray ModeSpray Mode
Dew Mode
Condensation Mode
Save freely set Test ProgramsYes
USB-Port for USB Flash Drive ConnectionYes
PC-Connectivity for Remote Controlling & Sample Test MonitoringYes
User-friendly Menu NavigationYes
User-friendly ApplicationYes
User-friendly Sample HandlingYes
User-friendly ProgrammingYes
User-friendly UV Light Source Replacement TechnologyYes
Automatic CalibrationYes
High Accuracy & High PrecisionYes
Ergonomic DesignYes
Reliable Performance & LongevityYes
Voltage110VAC 60Hz or 220VAC 50Hz
Engineered in accordance with international test standards including ASTM D4587, ASTM D4329, ASTM G151, ASTM G154, ISO 11507, ISO 4892-1, ISO 4892-3, BS 2782, SAE J2020

UV Accelerated Weathering Tester – Included items:

  • Automatic UV Accelerated Weathering Test Chamber
  • Accessories
  • Quality Certificate
  • Carefully Calibrated
  • Calibration Certificate
  • User manual
  • Extended Warranty

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